Push Media Promotion GmbH
(hereinafter also "PromoJukeBox", "we" or "us")

for Media Partners of Labels

1. General

Your personal data (e.g. title, name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number) will be processed by us according to the data protection law applicable at the time, and in compliance with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The provisions below would like to inform you about further details on the type and scope of data collected and on the purposes for which we process and use these personal data.

2. Transmission of Personal Data

We store, process and transmit your personal data (e.g. e-mail address and IP address) together with access time to the product, product information or to individual media files (e.g. audio tracks) to our clients (labels or product owners) who supplied the relevant product.

3. Name and Address of the Data Controller

Data Controller for the purposes of the GDPR and other Data Protection Regulations, as applicable within the European Union, and other regulations of a similar character is:
Push Media Promotion GmbH
Gabelsbergerstr. 16
83527 Haag i. OB
Tel.: +49 (0) 89 457 087 42
E-Mail: [jsaddress]

4. Automated Collection of Data

For technical reasons, the below data, transmitted to us by your web browser, will be collected:
These anonymous data will be stored separately from any personal data you may have supplied and thus will not provide any personally identifiable information. They will be analysed for statistical purposes only, help us optimize our services and will be deleted immediately afterwards.

5. Master Data

Your personal data, as far as they may be necessary for the purpose of formation of, or amendments to, our contractual relationship (Master Data) will be used for the purposes of implementation and administration of our contract exclusively. Without your explicit consent these data will not be made available to external third parties, unless legally required or necessary for the execution of the contract.
On demand of the competent authorities we are permitted in certain rare cases to disclose these Master Data, if required in the context of criminal prosecution or preemptive measures by police authorities, and to the federal or state authorities, to the German Federal Intelligence Service and the German Federal Military Counter-Intelligence Service in the exercise of their duties, or if required for the purpose of enforcement of intellectual property rights.

6. Usage Data

On demand of the competent authorities we are permitted in certain rare cases to disclose Usage Data, if required in the context of criminal prosecution or preemptive measures by police authorities, to the federal or state authorities, to the German Federal Intelligence Service and the German Federal Military Counter-Intelligence Service in the exercise of their duties, or if required for the purpose of enforcement of intellectual property rights.

7. Retention of Personal Data

We retain your personal data as long as required for providing the services as ordered by you, or as long as they are indispensable for any other necessary purpose, e.g. if required by law, for settlement of disputes or the execution of this agreement.

8. Your Rights as Data Subject

You have the right:

9. Your Right to Object

If your personal data are being processed on the basis of a lawful interest in accordance with Art. 6 Sec. 1 lit. f) GDPR, you are nevertheless entitled to object to such processing of your personal data on the grounds as provided in Art. 21 GDPR, i.e. on specific grounds relating to your particular situation, or if you wish to object to your data being used for the purpose of direct marketing. In the latter case you have the right to object at any time without any specific grounds.
For making use of your right to revoke consent or to object as above, an e-mail to [jsaddress] will suffice.

10. Tracking of Mailings

Mailings sent by PromoJukeBox contain so-called tracking pixels. Tracking pixels are miniature graphics embedded in such e-mails sent in HTML format, which enable recording and analyses of logfiles, and on the basis of which a statistical evaluation of success or failure of product campaigns becomes possible. By means of these embedded tracking pixels we and our client (the label or product owner) are able to recognize if and when our e-mail was opened by the recipient data subject.
Such personal information as collected by use of tracking pixels contained in out mailings are stored and analysed by the data controller for the purpose of optimization of our mailings and in order to be able to even better cater to the interests of the data subjects. These data are used exclusively for the purpose outlined and will never be transmitted to third parties.

11. Unsubscribing from Mailing Lists (Opt-Out)

Mailing recipients can at any time unsubscribe from our clients' mailing lists (Opt-Out). After such Opt-Out the address of our media partner is automatically blocked in our system regarding future mailings from the relevant client.

12. Information on Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by your browser for the purpose of keeping certain information available while navigating on a website or for future visits. We use so-called first-party Cookies created by and for the purposes of PromoJukeBox and third-party Cookies generated on our website by third-party services. These Cookies allow us to store and retrieve your browser's most recent language preference setting for our website or retrieve access authorizations as valid for the current session or your user account. They also serve as basis of, anonymized, statistical analyses of our users' activity on our website for the purpose of optimization of our website. Cookies store text strings only, which are always anonymized and in most cases encrypted. Under no circumstances do we store personal data in Cookies.
In the areas of web analyses and advertising we cooperate with Google. Google draws data stored in Cookies, e.g. on websites visited and products and services viewed, in order to customize advertising. Google makes use of both Persistent Cookies and Session Cookies. These Cookies do not store any personal data. Deactivating or deleting these Cookies in no way impairs the functionalities of our website.
On all web browsers, Cookie activity can be limited or blocked completely by selecting the relevant browser setting accordingly. The necessary steps will vary between browsers, please refer to the help menu of your browser for further information. If your browser settings do not allow Cookies, you will however no longer be able to log into your user account on our website. Furthermore, your website navigation may no longer be fully functional.

13. Our Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Inc. in order to analyse user activity, which makes use of Cookies. Cookies are text files stored on your device which allow analytics of your user activity relating to our website. Cookies generate information which is transferred to a Google server. These servers are generally located in the USA; in compliance with Treaties regarding the use of data originating in the European Economic Area, your IP address will however be masked prior to transmission to the US. In rare and exceptional cases only, masking of your IP address will occur after transmission of data to the USA. Google analyses the information transferred, and in this context renders additional services to us as website operators. Information relating to any IP addresses collected will, however not be combined with information collected via other Google services. You are able to block creation of Cookies on your devices by selecting the relevant browser settings. This may, however, affect and impair the way our website displays and it may no longer function properly. In addition, a browser plugin will block collection and use of data generated by Cookies.
This plugin can be downloaded from Learn more about Google's and Google Analytics' Privacy Policies at or and at respectively.

14. Collection of Access Data

For technical reasons, delivery and display of our website content requires the collection of certain data, and when accessing our website, so-called server logfiles are generated by us or the provider of webspace. These logfiles, however, do not contain personally identifiable information about you, your enterprise or your person. The information collected contains the name of the website, the file, the current date, the volume of data, information on the web browser used and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of your internet provider, the referrer URL, i. e. the website from which you were referred to our website and the relevant IP address. We use this information to improve the way we deliver and display our content and for the purpose of statistics and it assists in the continuous improvement of our services. We also reserve the right to subsequently verify the abovementioned data in cases of suspected improper or unauthorized use of our service.

15. Server Logfiles

Server logfiles are anonymized data collected while you are using our website. The data contained will not include any personally identifiable information; they are, however, indispensable for delivering our service and content. Furthermore, they are used for compiling statistical analyses and for the purpose of continuous improvements to our content. A typical logfile will contain access date and time, volume of data, the browser used and its version, the operating system used, the domain name of your provider, the website which referred you to our service (referrer URL) ad your IP address. Logfiles also required when investigating a suspected improper or unauthorized use of our website.

16. SSL-Encryption

Our website uses SSL encrypting during transmission of our users' confidential or personal data. SSL encryption will be activated, e.g. for the administration of payments and for inquiries you make to our website. Please make sure that SSL encryption is also activated on your side during such activities. Activated encryption can be easily recognized, as the initial characters displayed in your browser will change from "http://" to "https://". SSL encrypted data can not be read by third parties. Please always make use of SSL encrypted transmission for confidential information and please contact us in case of doubt.

17. Inquiries

On request we will provide you with the data stored with us regarding your person or user name. To make an inquiries you may contact us by telephone +49 (0) 89 457 087 42, or by mail to Push Media Promotion GmbH, Gabelsbergerstr. 16, 83527 Haag i. OB, Germany. You can also direct any queries you may have by e-mail to [jsaddress].

18. Contract Language

Please note that our agreed contract language is German and the German version is binding in case of discrepancies; the English language versions provided serve as convenience translations only.
Push Media Promotion GmbH, last updated May 2018